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Red River Promise

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Red River Promise aims to provide accessible and affordable pathways to college for all students. In partnership with the community, high school seniors will have opportunities for guaranteed tuition and a success coach to support them as they earn their certificate or degree.

Last Dollar Scholarships

Graduating seniors from the
14 Red River Promise high schools are eligible to receive a last-dollar scholarship that covers tuition and fees after financial aid awards and other scholarships are applied.

Success Coaches

More than just a scholarship, Red River Promise includes success coaching and technologies to streamline the college enrollment process, plus transfer and workforce opportunities to help you begin an exciting career.



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How to participate in the Red River Promise Program

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Submit your pledge to open your possibilities with the Red River Promise Program by
February 1


Apply to a Promise partner college or university of your choice and submit your TASFA/ FAFSA and community service form by
April 1


Register for courses for the Fall 2023 semester by
July 31

* Promise partner colleges and universities may have additional requirements and application deadlines



The Red River Promise Program is a partnership between 14 participating school districts and the following colleges and universities:

Joe Gordy

Principal - Graham High School

“Being a rural community, we have a lot of students who don't feel like they do have an opportunity. This levels the playing field and now all of our students will have the opportunity – whether that’s a credential or technical certificate, an associate's or bachelor’s degree.”

Dr. G. Brent Wallace

Chancellor - North Central Texas College

“The ability for a community to inspire and develop talent is the cornerstone of a healthy regional economy. Community colleges play a central role in developing Texas talent and we are energized to be learning with other regional initiatives as well as along with many other Texas talent regions.”

2022 Graduate

Student - Gainesville ISD

The Red River Promise has opened a door for me and gave me hope to attend college which is something exciting that I thought I would never be able to do!

Shannon Luis

Superintendent - Era ISD

“Opening everyone’s eyes to the opportunities that are out there for our students will in turn benefit our community. This is about removing obstacles and barriers, but also about getting people to think about college differently. It doesn’t have to be solely an academic pathway. There are so many different options that are available through this program.”

DesMontes Stewart

Superintendent - Gainesville ISD

“This is going to be game-changing. What it does is provide kids with an opportunity to attain a college education at a fraction of the cost. Once they finish a two-year degree, they can also transfer to a four-year institution and continue their studies.”

2022 Graduate

Red River Promise Student

All throughout my Senior year the Red River Promise Team made sure everything was done for all the students and it was extremely helpful!